The ideal bench: Time off


When was the last time you stopped to look at something or (discreetly) at someone? When was the last time you sat on a bench without scrolling on your phone?  Why don't you just pause for a moment and let time freeze? Look around you, admire the sky, the trees and maybe allow yourself to listen to yourself. The ideal bench will give you this possibility and you will appreciate taking time off.



Which is your favourite bench?

The ideal bench, the book, has 43 brief chapters. Being its author, it is difficult to choose the one I like the best. Still I have my own favorites, of course, but I was curious to know what the readers thought. One answered aptly that the best chapter was for her The bench of personal preferences, whereas another reader said that The book bench was for him the most interesting. Should I reveal mine? The bench of the Nativity scene...

The ideal bench (an excerpt from the book)


In the diary I had kept at that time, I had written: 'It is so lovely here in the woods. It rained a lot yesterday and the path is muddy, slippery under my feet but I can smell the clean air, the sun is shining, the foliage is thick and offers me shade, the birds are singing gently (blackbirds), sometimes a more cacophonous one (raven) is crowing 'arr-arr-arr' but altogether there is beauty, calm, bliss, a Paradise on earth. And thanks to an aeroplane I can hear very far away, I am reminded that this is the twenty first century, the era of technology, but the nature has fortunately remained untouched here.