This be the bench

Not far from the ideal park with its ideal benches, there was also an ideal forest. A forest in the city, within walking distance from the centre, a green place with various trees whose names I did not know. I knew however how to walk among them, to stop at every clearing and to observe in the fall the mushrooms that looked like giant sponges. The park might have felt like home but the forest was beautiful as well. It had the grandeur of the wild.

The ideal bench: This book will change your life

Or maybe not...It can simply make you see things, benches in particular, with different eyes. It can make you stop as you pass by a bench. You will be invited to sit down for a while and observe the world around you. It doesn't have to be some spectacular or breathtaking view. Just a common bench that you've seen a hundred times during your everyday walks. You may feel tempted to steal some minutes from your busy schedule and dedicate them to the bench. To yourself that is...

The ideal bench (the introduction)

The ideal bench gave me inspiration for many a poem, for many philosophical thoughts. The ideal bench was a haven in difficult moments, and the statues of the park often lent an ear to my confessions. The bench is no longer a mere object, a spot where the passer by would stop to rest. It is now associated to the observation of the world and to the meaning of existence. Seated on the ideal bench, I started researching things and habits which I had never seen before. And some unfamiliar, new topics would cross my mind. I decided to share them with more people. After an entire year in search of the ideal bench, I came up with answers to many questions. The ideal bench became the omphalos of the earth.

The ideal bench (the book)


"The ideal bench" or thoughts for all seasons is a series of brief texts which have been written in the course of one year. Seated on a different bench everytime, the writer philosophises about life, human nature, time, the environment and other important or less important matters. A simple bench in some park in Germany becomes the omphalus of the earth. The paperback edition contains also photos. The title has been inspired by a poem by Lito Seizani.

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